Business Advisors

Providing strategy and business planning.


Welcome to GPS 4 business

GPS 4 business provides strategic management advice for organisations to:-
  • focus on key strategic directions
  • identify, critcally analyse and take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • find the right path through complex and conflicting priorities
  • apply practical decision making tools to business problems
GPS 4 business was formed to provide direction to organisations in an increasingly complex operating environment. The aim of the company is to provide assistance on how to work 'ON' the business rather than 'IN' the business to take advantage of the bigger picture leading to better long term decisions.

Tim Threlfall
Tim has a depth of expertise in identifying innovative opportunities to optimise business performance... Read more about Tim

Iraina Hofsteede
Iraina specialises in project management with a focus on commercial tendering for new work for businesses... Read more about Iraina